Thursday, September 13, 2012

7 Months In!

Which mean 'tis the beginning of third trimester! 7 months in, only two to go! Holy Batman, this would now be the time where I feel like it's going by very quickly. Of course, I don't have everything set up, so here goes the pressure!

On the surface everything still feels the same. I'm just more sluggish and so cannot wait for this stupid cast to come off next Monday. The heat hasn't been helping and I could just imagine how sweaty and gross it's getting inside it :/ I think that's my biggest complaint so far.

And then the loverly glucose test tomorrow -_- what fun that will be, hopefully I pass it.

On the bright side my baby shower is coming up soon, on my birthday which is the 13th! I have mostly everything done, except the decorations I'm going to make fresh before the shower. I'm actually really excited to have one, kind of surreal that this time the shower is actually for me.

Last but not least, Little Miss Sariah is doing fine from what I can tell. She sure loves wedging her little butt into my ribs, hopefully she'll start to move down like they're supposed to. She's definitely mastered the art of kicking, and I just happen to be her punching bag. But in a way I don't mind, least I know she's alive in there.

I cheated a bit and helped myself to a cup of decaf coffee and it was delish! Haven't had coffee in like 5 months, which is a world record! Well for me at least :P

Also now know what it's like to have an outie belly button...huh.

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