Thursday, September 13, 2012

8 Months In!

Ocho. Yup, that's right 8. I'm eight months today and pretty soon my bubby will be here. Wowzers! Seems like it went by fast, then it feels like it goes by really slow. But every Sunday gets just a little more exciting to count down the days :)

I have nothing interesting to add this month except that I'm pretty close to the big day. I'm glad Summer's coming to an end, it really sucked this year. Especially since I broke my foot and all. I'm not really a Summer as much as I used to be, weird.

I can't believe I made it this far though, pretty crazy still. I think these last two months are just going to come so fast, I'm scared! Well nervous mostly, but I'm also anxious for her to get here. I want to meet her so bad! I have no idea when she plans on arriving, before or after her due date, but we shall see. If I make it all the way to 40, I'll die. Just kidding.

I'm finding out these last minute "preparations" are a bit crazy to handle. Like birth plan and getting the overnight bag ready. Despite all the madness, it still doesn't take away how ecstatic I am about the whole thing and constantly recapping the journey it was to make it this far!

It might be weird to think that sometimes I don't want her to actually leave my belly. I feel like she's protected from any danger from the outside world, and I know where's she at at all times. As much as I want her to stay, I also want her to get out :P just so I can hold her already! But I'm not going to wish for it, I don't want her coming too soon. I know she'll come out when she's good and ready, so I have to keep playing this darn waiting game a couple months more.

Ehh, it's all worth it :D

Can't wait till October!

I love you Sariah <3

P.S has anyone seen the commercials for The Baby Wait show? I just watched the first episode a couple days ago, stuff is depressing as crap man. Especially when the series actually starts two days after my due date -_- yeah, that's really depressing to me. But I know for sure I'm not giving my girl up! No way :)

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